My advice to architecture students graduating this year:

Some of you will go for the Masters, some will join architecture / construction /design firm, some would start on own, but, if you do not get to practice architecture or get a job in the architectural field, don’t worry.. Do whatever else you want. Whatever. But, do not get into teaching architecture immediately.

Do not get into teaching architecture, unless you have an experience of five years or more in the same field..

Travel, write, read, learn music, join a music band, learn to cook.., pick up a new hobby.. create memes, do whatever you want. But, do not get into teaching architecture immediately.

You will not only do harm to yourself, but also to students, education and the profession. Remember, everything that you said about the freshly graduated teachers?

Design Logos and Identity for friends’ businesses,  create identities for startups and small businesses, design wedding cards for friends, do photography, learn coding, do whatever you want, but, do not get into teaching now..

If your passion is to teach, great. Teach at a kinder garden, or primary school or even secondary schools. Best, teach at a government school. Teach arts, music, photography,talk about design at primary schools, but to not teach at any architecture institute unless you have a five years or more experience… 

Your teachers, friends from college would send you messages and try to pull you into teaching.. but remember you can only contribute if you have learned something..

Just because you have a degree in architecture, doesn’t mean you should practice architecture. May be you already realised that architecture was not for you, but you continued for some reason. Great, that you have finished it, and you are done with it. Now, do whatever you want..but, do not teach at any architecture institute for now..

There is a lot of work.. a lot needs to be done and the world needs you. 🙂