I recently heard one of my architect friend saying: “We shall first fix Architect’s Act 1972. It only restricts the use of title “Architect” and doesn’t say anything about who can and cannot practise architecture..”

My immediate reaction was, “Do we ever question millions of people in villages who design and build their own houses? Why do we object only to those non-architects, who practise in urban areas?”*

*Here by ‘non-architects’, I mean those who are not registered with the CoA.

Rural architecture

Billions of people create their own habitat, they do not consult “Architects”. Their habitats are highly responsive to the local environment and their immediate needs. They build with the locally available material, labour and skill. Who teaches them all this?All this learning comes from their experience, by doing and being sensitive towards everything in nature. They don’t go to schools of architecture. They don’t register with the CoA. They are not even aware of the existence of the Act. But, they make great architects.