The recent ruling by Madhya Pradesh High Court has left many indian architects in a shocking state. And this fight between architects and engineers is not new. And, I am of the opinion that no one else but we architects are solely responsible for this state of affairs.

Architects in India is an inward looking community which has miserably failed to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid. it is a notion that architectural services are for elite layer of the society and this makes architects even more unapproachable. Secondly, awareness about architects and architecture among laymen seems to have bettered, but in so many years many many people still do not understand the difference between an engineer and an architect. Reason, we talk architecture with architects, architects socialise with architects, architects follow architects, and so on..

Till the time architects continue to live in an inward looking environment situation will not improve. Architects must break this circle and reach out to the real beneficiary, the end user.