My project (of course, it is also a business) at ArchitectureLive!, requires me to visit places, talk to architects, see buildings and document them. My last visits to Nashik and Pune have been quite purposeful, where I did not only see and document architects’ works for their clients, but also architects’ own offices. These ranged from small to big and all kinds, modern, minimalistic, created out of waste, a garage converted into an office and plot margin being used as an office.. Below, I am sharing one of the three offices that I found to be interesting not only by design but also by approach. The other two would be shared in upcoming posts.

Madhushala (The Tavern)
Architect: Prasanna Morey
Location: Pune

“We have named it Madhushala..” Architet Prasanna Morey shared with a beam. The feature of the office is the wall at the entrance, made out of waste bottles. May be I am wrong here, every other detail you come across in the office, is a feature in itself. But the wall, leaves a lasting impression.

Madhushala - An Architect's Office

The wall – as seen from distance

The bottles were ordered from a local scrap dealer and placed as shown in the picture below:

Madhushala - An Architect's Office

Two bottles, were joined using a plastic electrical conduit.

Like I shared before, every detail in this 500 Sq. Ft. office is a feature in itself. At it began with a knob at the entrance gate which caught my attention and I clicked the picture even before meeting the architect or noticing the “green wall”. Picture below:

Madhushala - An Architect's Office

Knob at the entrance gate

By now, I was fully prepared and ready for more delights and surprises. My expectations from this architect grew more higher. Did I share that I was not visting the office to see this office, but to see one of his projects? But I ended up spending almost equal time at office and the project, I will talk about later.

As I entered into the office, I was greeted by a blue glass table and an associate architect, Gaurav Bhangre. The blue table, where client meetings happened,  was again a discarded piece of big glass, scrapped at some places to add an artistic touch. This is where even my discussions happened with the architect and his associate.

Madhushala - An Architect's Office

Discussion table made out of discarded glass.

The office is primarily a configuration of two rectangular spaces ad-measuring about 150 Sq. Ft. each, separated by a small water body. The light courts, water spout, plants and a tree which was retained and maintained do not only add to delight within the space but also makes working inside comfortable.

“We want our clients to take design and architecture seriously and our office shall send the message..” Shared Prasanna Morey while discussing about his approach, design process and the profession.

“No matter what kind of project we are working on, we will not compromise when it comes to human comfort and design.. at times it takes lot of time but we try and educate our clients..” Added Prasanna

Rustic and rough in visuals, equipped with latest computers and staff of about five people, this small office successfully  sends a positive message to its clients, students, fellow professionals that “Design, is a serious business..”

Some more pictures below: