I have been working on this website since last few months and today it has gone live. I thought it would be worth sharing some my experiences with this website and the architectural firm both.

Before that, something about the client, StudioBOXX is a multi-disciplinary design firm with its headquarters in Mumbai and expertise in architecture, landscape, interior design, conservation and project management. Now the website, www.studioboxx.com:

The client was clear from first day about the kind of website he wanted for his firm. Still, to ensure that there are no gaps in understanding and communication we started a Google Doc, where we discussed and analysed some foreign and Indian websites.

The design brief was set and it expected me to deliver a minimalistic design that has a long life. By long life, it meant that the new and returning visitor, both are well engaged on the website, visitors discovers something new on the website on every visit . Also, the client shall have maximum control on the website, CMS was the answer, as it gave the client an option to completely manage the website from his end. Last, no to FLASH, so JQuery came handy. Some screenshots, below:

StudioBOXX categories page Studio BOXX Contact Us Page StudioBOXX Landing Page

1. After initial brainstorming, we may call it sharpening the axe, it was time to start with some layouts. The client himself is a wonderful Graphic Designer, I must admit here. This helped me immensly in quickly freezing the layouts and move to step 2, ‘HTMLisation’, and testing on browsers and at different resolutions.

2. Changes happen, the  ‘final’ layout also went through some changes during the process of development and this also resulted in delay and change in coding. But, at the end, we are there. 🙂

3. Design, there is high randomization, you can see across the website. The composition of images on any page does not remain same. Try this link, keep refreshing and you would see how dynamic it is. Each page was conceived in detail, how it is expected to work and how one (visitor) is expected to navigate through the website.

4. This is one step up in my career of web designing and I look forward to working with more such clients. I thank StudioBOXX for having the trust and faith in me and continuous co-operation.