Recently I launched a project where architects (in India) to begin with can share, upload and manage their projects easily. it is called ArchitectureLive! the same can be accessed on

Why do we architects need such a platform?

I have travelling a lot and meeting many architects in India. Through these meetings and casual discussions many of them have shared that documenting their own projects always become the last priority and most of the times, many good projects are never documented.

ArchitectureLive! not only allows architects in India to post their projects, but it also allows huge meta information to be associated with each project. For instance, one can associate the details of materials, climate, topography, form, location etc. with the project.

How does it help?

Simple, projects get better visibility on Internet due to huge information associated with it. Also, it helps students, researchers, fellow architects, educators and people who are looking for general or specific information about architecture in India and / or about architects in India.

ArchitectureLive! plans to become an interactive repository of architectural projects in India.