How many new Architects did you connect to in last one month? If the answer is less than ten, may be its time socialize a bit. Anyway, recession has given many of us a great amount of spare time so why not connect?

The best professional networking website that I have come across in Linkedin.  LinkedIN has much more serious interface and less of fun, and particularly targeted to professional industry. Build up your profile, connect, get recommended, ask and get answers and join the tribes that you are interested in.

Social networking, isn’t only about making friends with those who are already your friends but have moved to a distance. Its more about connecting to people who share some common interest with you and you may not know each other otherwise. But how do you find them? Use people finder tools on various SN websites, check the profiles, browse through groups they are associated with and decide if you want to make a new connection.

To be continued…., till then check my profile on LinkedIN.

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