Our minds are comfortable with the “state of equilibrium”, or in other words everything that is not resting in place, disturbs the mind. Look at things around, if your mind feels that something or other is missing, something is too much or something needs to be moved from its place to some other place. Its the state of imbalance. look at the figure below:

In this image we somehow feel that the black square should rest in the middle of the bigger square. because it has neither moved sufficiently away from the middle nor it is near the edges of the bigger square. Something appears to be incorrect, or unintentional. This is the state of imbalance.

Now let us discuss the image below:

Contrary to what we saw in the first image, the black square has moved sufficiently away from the middle of the bigger square and has established its relation with the left top corner. Our minds find this situation much more comfortable than the situation in the previous image. This position may be the “just correct” position, where we feel, its an intentional attempt.