Feel small on the crowded streets of Mumbai or New York? Sky not visible? Just look around and you will find whole new lot of skyscrappers have eaten up your unending space. Tall concrete and steel structures are making roads appear narrower and congested. Blame modernism! machine age! and globalisation.
Before modernism, Architecture was revolving around history and it has strong links with traditional details in buildings. It was felt by Architects that, its important to cut all the links to history if we have to think of future. Creative energy inside Architects was finding its way to ooze out. New materials, Structural innovations and engineering techniques helped Architects think “tall”.

And this tall must have been the solution to save precious land use also. 15 -16 storyed building gave new dimension too the cityscape. Everything looked modern and futuristic.

But like me do you also feel much more human and comfortable in villages than on urban streets? Lets try and find out why?

Scale makes the difference! Human mind is comfortable with horizontal. Horizontal supplements the gravitational force of earth as opposite to vertical which goes against the gravitational force. Horizontal also symbolises “resting position”. You usually comfortably interact (this interaction may not be verbal always) with things which are at your eye level or below eye level.

I am not against vertical, I may be against difficulty in interacting with vertical and difficulty in able to appreciate vertical and tall.

But then what is the solution to this “imposed verticality on society”? Articulate verticality in human way. So again what is articulation?

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