Everybody seems to be talking about it, atleast in architecture institutions and office. Minimalism, is all about meeting the basic requirements in the purest form.

“But minimalism is inhumane”..said Himanshu Burte. Indeed, he has a very strong stand. During my jury of design, i tried my best to explain him abou how i have undrerstood “minimalism”. And being minimalistic surely does not mean escaping from work. Lauri baker, is minimalistic in his approach, even Tadao Ando is minimalistic. But both of them will have different design solutions for same given problems. because what minimalism is to me, it may not be the same with others.

hmm…debatable..isn’t it? But I am for sure, minimalism just does not entertain any kind of decoration, add on or plastic surgery. It makes things simple to understand.

well, I have taken up the job of understanding what minimalism is all about. Sometime I will be back with examples.