I attended the second day of the conference organised by Indian Institute of Architects, Northern Chapter and Delhi Build which mainly focussed on the future, future of Architecture Profession and Education.

Here I will like to share some hard facts presented by Prof. Manoj Mathur of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi on Education Scenario in India.

Prof. Manoj Mathur, SPA

Prof. Manoj Mathur, SPA. Photo Credits – Ar. Shamit Manchanda

The presentation was minimal in my view, mostly white, focussing on the keywords and hardly any images. It started with a question “Why present methods will not get us there?” And, being an educator (part time) myself, I could not disagree with the question itself. In subsequent slides, Prof. Mathur discussed issues with respect to the curriculum, faculty, systems and methods of teaching.

Some of the points he stressed upon are:

1. Teachers themselves have not learned what to teach their students, never seen a construction site, but, teaching building construction. Degree and Council registration only leads a horse up to water, doesn’t make him drink.

2. Excessive strait-jacketing into Engineering Education Systems by misguided heads of institutions has turned Architecture into a text book discipline.

3. Hubris and inertia due to prescriptive adoption of Council Guidelines. Distinctiveness to exploration and invention.

4. The norms about Full Time Faculty laid by Council are counter-productive.

I must congratulate Prof. Mathur for the impressive, interesting and an informative presentation and the organisers (IIA NC & Delhi Build) for the successful event. I have requested Prof. Mathur to share his presentation with me and more people (educators, students and institutions) and open it to views, discussions and debate.

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