I am going to present a talk at Gateway College of Architecture tomorrow. And , this time also although topic is same it needs to be presented differently. Different examples, different talk and a different spirit. Prof. Anil Kumar, Director at Gateway shared that students spend huge time on Facebook and looking at stuff that they shouldn’t be. This might be the concern for most of the institutes too. But, I bet this cannot be controlled by blocking the access to sites or by just telling students that they shouldn’t do it.

The emphasis tomorrow will be on discussing what all is going on Internet and whether and how Internet can contribute to Architecture Education. Also, whether social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used for active learning rather than past time?

I spend huge time on Internet, it is a part of my job and I have seen Architecture is not untouched. there are numerous blogs on architecture, number of websites and Portal and many online groups.

Google and  Wikipedia have almost become God and there is a wrong notion that these technologies have all the answers and everything that these tells us is always right and relevant. I will try to show some examples, if possible.

Information Overload, is another issue that will be touched and discussed about. Students seem to have stopped asking questions and in any process of learning it is must that one learns to ask questions rather than always finding answers. With so much on Internet, we have answers all over. Even for the questions that we never asked.

I will post my talk here soon. And of course your feedback is must.